We are circling one

another for us to die for you to live

for you to die for us to

(being) long past our futures our pasts entwined

this crooked double yellow, this third flavor, this third


famouslast, the only


roundabouts endofJuly there’d be lawnchairs waiting for that sidewalk impressionistic tac toe step here step there (break your mothers) couldve given– a show, a joy, a concern maybe perhaps/even a swisssteak plaguetime dinner gathering being for the benefit of but no not you couldnt wait had to cross/watchwhereyoure and now the iceberg shards fadein/fadeout their thousandisland sarcophogi and when it hit it hit but thenagainIspose it was better this than

(see you/see us)?

reds and blues flashing chocolate vanilla softserve swirling callit/callout door lock clickclack winter hours crunchbunch

third flavor third–

because here we are (“now…”) talking to one passing


this nano/

Not real



real as

being 9.6 miles awayfrom/bywayof citylight nostalgia soaring firstclass and halfassed, broken: look at you at me now among these variations upon a fuguestate parabola seeing what you see and what you say you see and what I see you say you see and so do they, watching, rating, judging their roadsalt cauterization tactics taught not in any rubbernecking riverbed diaspora but in



We are


cant keep it straight cant

in your spirit as broken as

keep it

as you are now following

I am

these paths that no one takes but everyone


We are


did you make it up the hill did you count to ten did you breathe did you walk did you run did you see the headstone with your that isnt your and know if/that

for us to die

for you to live



what we’re telling ourselves now

our joys our concerns our



circling one

for you to live

for us to

(famous last)

We are

We are



Music by Elizabeth Joan Kelly / Words by Tyler W. Weaver

re/emergence is an ongoing series of music + microfiction collaborations from composer Elizabeth Joan Kelly and author Tyler W. Weaver; if you’ve enjoyed our work, consider sending us a tip via Ko-Fi.*

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