Monolith Cocktail Review

Very generous review of Farewell, Doomed Planet! on Monolith Cocktail today. Thanks to them for these kind words:

“Equally deft at composing contemporary symphonies as she is Warp label imbued kinetic and industrial electronica, Kelly coos and soundscapes a lamentable vision of the apocalypse that combines aria-like space operatics with tubular metallic breakdowns, stirring ambient swells and darker twists of contorting nuanced sonics….Cinematic in places, setting an astral mirage of dreamy and bestial proportions, Farewell is a beautifully scary drama that evokes touches of Bowie, Tangerine Dream, Bernard Szajner, Diva Dompe, Moroder and Vangelis. Kelly does wonderful things amongst the stars; the apocalypse has seldom sounded so celestially operatic and electronically choral.”

Read the full review, + reviews of Shanghai Restoration Project, Lucifer Was, Origami Repetika, Mogadisco, and Boa Morte, over on the blog!

Phantom Circuit, For The Record, and Sweeney’s Gumbo YaYa

Lots of airtime for Farewell, Doomed Planet! this week. Thanks to Phantom Circuit, Zadok Strawberry on WERA (Arlington, VA)’s For The Record, and Sweeney’s Gumbo YaYa on KAOS in Olympia for their support, and listen to the show recaps on Mixcloud–lots of great new artists to acquaint yourselves with.