WWOZ archive and New release

Many thanks to Duane Williams for premiering “Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Fall Mix],” my newest remix with Geiger Von Müller, last night on WWOZ. The track is now available as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp. More details over on the release page. Catch the archive of Duane’s show on the WWOZ website, and the playlist here. And a new video will premiere Sunday October 25 in Tyler Weaver’s MacroParentheticals newsletter so make you’re you’re signed up!

Latest Dark Train with Kate Bosworth now archived

Thanks again Kate for playing “Baleen Executioner” off Farewell, Doomed Planet! as well as Alka’s “King Card,” featuring me as a guest vocalist, on Warminster Community Radio’s Dark Train! The episode is now archived on Mixcloud, or listen below.

Waking Up With a Cat On My Face on In Memory of John Peel

Thank you Zaph for playing “Waking Up With A Cat On My Face” from ISOLATION & REJECTION Volume 1 on the newest In Memory of John Peel! There are now FIVE VOLUMES of this excellent compilation available, with proceeds going to The Brick in Wigan so you can feel good about yourself while getting a gazillion fantastic tunes.

Catch the latest In Memory of John Peel on the website or below.

Another October rec on MacroParentheticals

Author Tyler Weaver of Parenthetical Recluse, a fascinating blog about music, movies, literature, running, Ohio election signage, and so much more, has asked me to contribute a monthly recommendation (probably, mostly, music, but maybe other stuff?) for his MacroParentheticals newsletter. The newsletter comes out every Sunday and is chock full of Tyler’s own current media consumption, musings, “fascinations, perspirations, and whatever else comes to mind,” plus pictures of Tyler’s adorable dogs. Here’s the newest:

I read a book! Part memoir, part history, part folklore, Kristen Gallerneaux’s HIGH STATIC, DEAD LINES: SONIC SPECTRES & THE OBJECT HEREAFTER interweaves several of my favorite topics: sound studies, media preservation, and the paranormal. Gallerneaux informs us on the history of audiovisual technology but also asks us to question what’s real and what’s imagined, especially as relates to the impact technology has on our lives. Highly recommended.

If you like listening to music while you read, why not accompany the book with the Theremin100 compilation on <1 Records?

As always, signup for the newsletters, and you won’t regret it. I’ve heard much wonderful new music thanks to Tyler’s discerning ear, and you certainly will too.

Sidney’s archival performance on CAMP Radio

In case you missed, it, Paul Maceri (aka ihcilon)’s wonderful CAMP Radio show If/Then/Else
show focuses on long-form and/or live sets. Last weekend’s episode includes a segment from one of my 2019 performances at Sidney’s Saloon with originals + covers of Roy Orbison and Vangelis. The episode also features dreamy goodness by Raen Arthur, Requiem (Tristan Welch and Doug Kallmeyer), Mako Graves, The Blank Holidays, Gregory Nieuwsma, and Stefanie Merchack. Catch the show below or on Mixcloud, and the playlist on ihcilon’s website.

“Baleen Executioner” and Alka’s “King Card” on the radio

A few spins of Alka’s “King Card,” featuring me as a guest vocalist, on the radio:

Yesterday Joint Venture Radio played three songs from the album on the Alien Disco versus Waverider Show. Catch the archive on Dropbox.

Tonight, Kate Bosworth includes “Baleen Executioner” off Farewell, Doomed Planet! as well as “King Card” on Warminster Community Radio’s Dark Train.

New release on Future Cities

Just released: Future Cities, a new project from Cities & Memory. From the website, “Future Cities is the largest ever survey of the sounds of cities around the world, examining how the soundscapes of our cities across 81 countries are changing and what that means for us all.” Participants first submitted field recordings from around the world (the “city version” on the website), and then participants had the opportunity to reimagine these recordings (the “memory version”).

I remixed K.A. Laity’s “Pile Driver on O’Connell Avenue,” Limerick, Ireland, in “The Irish Pile Driver In Isolation.” For this work, I attempted to situate myself in the brain of an Irish pile driver operator as they momentarily transcend into a few moments of tranquility. I only used the original field recording in this piece–no extra sounds. The dangers of noise pollution are ongoing and severe, particularly for construction workers. With this work I hope to model how urban “noise” can be made more palatable.

Explore more by navigating the map on the Cities & Memory website.

Out now! Alka’s Regarding The Auguries

Alka’s new album Regarding the Auguries is OUT NOW! as a physical release through the Very Records website as well as digitally via all the usual places. I provide guest vocals on the song “King Card” which ALSO features Vince Clarke, which I believe makes me only 2 degrees of separation from Erasure, Depeche Mode, and Yazoo (which I believe makes all of YOU 3 degrees!).