Tomorrow: The Dark Outside

The Dark Outside returns! Part of Aerial Festival, this edition will be a “one-off 24hr online radio broadcast featuring sounds and music no-one has ever heard (or will hear again) inspired by the legacy of artist Kurt Schwitters.” Go to for the stream; I’ve got a brand new piece called “Karnawał Dusz” in there somewhere.

Strange Selectors Review on I Heart Noise

There’s a very nice review of the forthcoming Strange Selectors compilation on I Heart Noise. David Soulscorch had this to say about my contribution:

The compilation opens wistfully with “The Heart Sounds Like Heavy Artillery” by the New Orleans based electronic composer Elizabeth Joan Kelly. A suitably gentle opening track built around an ambient soundscape with an almost industrial sounding rhythm.

Strange Selectors is available for pre-order now as a digital download and/or (gorgeous) CD, and releases on September 28. Proceeds go to Médecins Sans Frontières. Still need convincing? Read the rest of David’s review over on the I Heart Noise blog.

WTUL Charts, WWOZ, KVSC, and Radio Free Brooklyn

I’m still clinging on for dear life to WTUL’s charts, with Farewell, Doomed Planet! at #29 overall and #5 electronic.

Thanks to Duane Williams for giving me my first ever play (I think, anyway) on WWOZ here in New Orleans! Duane played two tracks by the indomitable Geiger von Müller including my remix of “Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Summer Mix].” Listen over on the WWOZ website.

Browsing the WWOZ playlist on Spinitron led to me realize that I missed a couple of wonderful radio shows last fall that featured tracks from Farewell, Doomed Planet!, so a very belated thank you to KVSC’s Beats N’ Pieces and Radio Free Brooklyn’s Bushwick Garage (episode 200, to be exact).

September Recommendation on MacroParentheticals

Author Tyler Weaver of Parenthetical Recluse, a fascinating blog about music, movies, literature, running, Ohio election signage, and so much more, has asked me to contribute a monthly recommendation (probably, mostly, music, but maybe other stuff?) for his MacroParentheticals newsletter. The newsletter comes out every Sunday and is chock full of Tyler’s own current media consumption, musings, “fascinations, perspirations, and whatever else comes to mind,” plus pictures of Tyler’s adorable dogs. For September and October, Tyler asked me for some of my virtual venues to find new music. Here’s part 1, published last Sunday:

There are seemingly endless places to hear new music to the point that it can be overwhelming. Luckily, there are expert curators of indie music who continually introduce me to new and wonderful sounds. Following are some of my favorites on internet radio – most focus on electronic music since that’s my jam, but some also cover folk, jazz, blues, and classical.

Radio StationsResonance Extra (The Wire: Adventures in Sound and Music, A Duck In A Tree)… Radio Dark Tunnel (melodywhore’s SITUATION 47, Brainvoyager’s Electronic Fusion)… Mad Wasp Radio (Lone Frequencies, The Magic Window)… Skylab Radio (The Space Station, Mixed Feelings)… Sine FM (Kites and Pylons, The Séance)… and Camp Radio (where my show, Electrojunkyard, lives – as does the awesome If/Then/Else, Auditory Illusions, The Silence of Noise, The Wire, Notes in Dialogue, and Objects Forever live).

Radio programsIn Memory of John Peel on KFFP FM… Strategic Tape Reserve on New New World Radio… The Moderns on Radio Regent… Bepi Crespan Presents on CITR… For the Record, Bombshell Radio and WERA-LP Arlington… Bandcloud on Dublin Digital Radio… Night Tides on KCUR… Beatbox Saboteurs on Dandelion Radio… Dark Train on Warminster Community Radio… and Gated Canal Community Radio on Reform Radio.

Part II will be out in two weeks and includes my favorite podcasts. As always, signup for the newsletters, and you won’t regret it. I’ve heard much wonderful new music thanks to Tyler’s discerning ear, and you certainly will too.

Strange Selectors review

Electronica has a short but sweet review of the Werra Foxma Records Strange Selectors compilation, including my “The Heart Sounds Like Heavy Artillery.” From the review,

“The result is an excellent compilation of experimental electronica, ambient, hauntology, and analogue knob-twiddling.”

Read the whole things over at And don’t forget that proceeds go to Médecins Sans Frontières, so you can feel good about your purchase while listening to amazing tunes.

Hot Steam III Film Festival

My music video for “Human Research Roadmap” is part of the Hot Steam III film festival. From their website, “HOT STEAM 03 is an initiative that aims to marry topics in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM) through communal listening, watching, and learning. It is a Cambridge Community Television production that brings international video artworks to the city of Cambridge and beyond.”

Episodes premiere every Tuesday night in September on Cambridge Community Television‘s Channel 8 and on the Hot Steam website at 7pm EST. My video will be in Episode 5, “Crowd Control,” which premieres September 29 , plus all five episodes will also screen that night at Starlight Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts at 7pm EST.

Episode 1 is available now, and I’m honored to be included in such an original and timely body of work.

Newest track on Dark Train

Kate Bosworth’s newest Dark Train on Warminster Community Radio features tracks from the upcoming Strange Selectors compilation, including my “The Heart Sounds Like Heavy Artillery.” The comp benefits Doctors Without Borders so now’s your chance to preview it before ordering for a good cause. The tracklist (originally posted on Kate’s Twitter) is below and you can listen there or over on Mixcloud.