Mixcloud of 8 Weeks on Strategic Tape Reserve’s New New World Radio Show

Last month I mentioned that German audiotape aficionados Strategic Tape Reserve included “8 Weeks” on their New New World Radio show. Now the show is available on Mixcloud! Setlist and show embedded below.

New New World Radio, Strategic Tape Reserve, December 2018: Naheed Akhtar - Good News For You; Eiko Ishibashi - Lighthouse; Ludwig Berger & Veronika Ehrensperger - The Capacity of Things to Act; The Coup - Dig It; moduS ponY - Black Lasagna; Elizabeth Joan Kelly - 8 Weeks; The Plugz - Reel Ten; C. Moody Crews, Even Wolves - Icing Wraiths; DJ Deeon - The Freaks; This Heat - 24 Track Loop; Deux - Game & Performance; Dere Moans -xxxtra jelly (no worry); Jano Doe - Tri krize; Erkin Koray - Estrabim; Daphne Oram - Dr Faustus Studio; Jamal Moss - #Dontjusttalkaboutitbeaboutit

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