RESCHEDULED: ElectroJunkyard Episode 2

Airing today Sunday: a somewhat electro-acoustic-themed episode of ElectroJunkyard, my bi-monthly show on Camp Radio in France. Homespun mixes of underground electronic music from the past, present, and maybe even the future. Airs at 7pm CET / 12pm CST. Listen at Camp Radio.

Episode 2 tracklist:

0:00 Flutronix – Life Lines [2.0, Flutronix Records]
5:55 Nina Keith – Hereditary Trauma Dream Sprinting (Oxford Circle) [MARANASATI 19111, Grind Select]
9:27 Klein – Never Will I Disobey [Lifetime, ijn inc.]
13:02 White Boy Scream – Glass Games (excerpt) [Below the Radar 34, The Wire]
18:56 Kieran Mahon – Solitary Jazz Fumble [ISOLATION AND REJECTION VOLUME 3, Front and Follow]
22:16 Wizard Apprentice – Desire to Learn [Dig a Pit, Cruisin Records]
25:27 Pantayo – Bronsé [Pantayo, Telephone Explosion]
28:00 Sultana – Blood Moon [BLOOD MOON, self-released]
32:22 Library Tapes – Where a Yellow Light Still Means Slow Down [The Quiet City, 1631 Recordings]
34:40 Mary Lattimore & Paul Sukeena – Dreaming of the Kelly Pool [single, Mexican Summer]
38:24 Forest Robots – Glacial Architecture Of The Mountain Corridor [After Geography, Wormhole World]
42:38 Whettman Chelmets – My Presence Will Go With You [The Rain, The Pour, self-released]
46:24 Lamin Fofana – Blues [Blues, BLACK STUDIES]
50:26 Nailah Hunter – White Flower, Dark Hill [Spells, Leaving Records]
52:48 Lyra Pramuk – Mirror [The Fountain, Bedroom Community]
55:47 Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki & Tatsuro Yamashita – 最後の楽園 (The Last Paradise) [Pacific, CBS/Sony; reissue by Light in the Attic]

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