Interview on The Socialized Recluse

Almost one year ago to the day, Tyler Weaver interviewed me for his blog Parenthetical Recluse. Now we’re back, this time on his podcast The Socialized Recluse. Tyler describes it perfectly on his website so I’m just going to crib that here:

Presenting: a conversation had amidst the haze of new-puppy-exhaustion.

In which: two collaborators learn they can converse as well as collaborate and, as such, converse about all sorts of creative and collaborative things, things including, but not limited to: the essential nature of bandname punctuation, the existential dread that Philip Glass’s music inspires, the demoralizing hellscape of academic publishing, and, most importantly, doing the work.

And, a note: while Elizabeth’s audio in our conversation – which is the most important part in an interview anyhow – sounds fine, mine is (more than) a bit on the quiet side (save for a notable exception; sorry ears). At the time of recording, I was still learning the mix/gain needs of my new condenser mic; by the time I recorded the intro / outro, I had a better handle on it. So, as Bill Murray said, I’ve got that going for me. Which is nice.


  • Intro + puppy exhaustion caveat (0’00”)
  • Philip Glass and existential dread / “This is death.” (03’25”)
  • Beauty v. pretty / “The economy of musical material” (05’44”)
  • What makes for an ideal musical education? (08’21”)
  • Mind the (reality) gap / Rediscovering artistic passion (11’20”)
  • Imposter syndrome / Do the work / Reviewer Number Two (15’52”)
  • Intro: Orca, Attack! (punctuation is key) / Listen: CMSO, Track Five, “Limitations.” (20’27”)
  • Strategic Tape Reserve / CMSO: Origins / “The shed shelf that your uncle had.” (23’32”)
  • On the benefits of shorter projects and collaborations between longer projects / “I hate writing short stories.” (26’41”)
  • On household movie data reportage and the surprises within (29’32”)
  • Creative like-to-try / Recommendations / Connect (34’49”)
  • Outro (37’34”)

More on Tyler’s website. Thanks again for having me!

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