Electrojunkyard Episode 11

Airing today: ElectroJunkyard, my bi-monthly show on Camp Radio in France. Homespun mixes of underground electronic music from the past, present, and maybe even the future. Airs at 7pm CET / 1pm CST. Listen at Camp Radio.

Episode 11 Tracklist:

Orca, Attack! – World Map – You Won’t Remember This [Cassingle #29]

Forest Robots – Every Particle Of Water Understands Change Is Essential – Horst & Graben

summer home – sunflower – summer home

Montel Palmer – Tape Half Full – Catastropheland

Claire Rousay – stoned gesture – a softer focus

Thou – Goo in the Burning City (fmGew Remix) – NORCO Original Soundtrack


The Center for Understanding New Trigonometries – The Shape of the Hand of God – Shapes, for Experts

Qasim Naqvi – Matic- Beta

Maison Blanche – Rideshare – Hello, Commander

Nala Sinephro – Space 5 – Space 1.8

Zvrra – Array of Light 04 – Array of Light

Lauren Duffus – Stir Fry – SULK

Tanya Tagaq – Colonizer – Tongues

Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Eventide Lakeshore Mystery Alarm – Music for Clean Water

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