Airing today: a brand new episode of ElectroJunkyard, my bi-monthly show on Camp Radio in France. Homespun mixes of underground electronic music from the past, present, and maybe even the future. Airs at 7pm CET / 1pm CST. Listen at Camp Radio.

Lamin Fofana – Shafts of Sunlight – Shafts of Sunlight

Rắn Cạp Đuôi Collective – Distant People – Ngủ Ng​ à​y Ngay Ng​à​y T​ậ​n Thế

five Bubble criteria – Inert Gas – VI

Phase4our – Rogue State (Proxy mix) – Phase4our

LLWCHほこり – AURຄໍາ ສີ່ – AUR​Ո​ս​կ​ի

Elizabeth Joan Kelly vs The Burning Trestle – Portabella House By-The-Sea (After The Burning Trestle) – RENTAL YIELDS- VOLUME ONE

Puce Mary – Three Body Problem – STUCK

DEBBY FRIDAY – Neight Fictive (Jonathan Snipes of clipping. remix)

Ritual Chair – Voices – Exploit

Lina Filipovich – G. Frescobaldi Toccata decima – BFHC

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