Retrophonica – Aetheric Transmissions

Curated by Sound Effects of Death & Horror. Released May 15 from Wormhole World, with profits going to Delia Derbyshire Day. Includes my song “Metro Musix.”

Review Excerpts

Things move on into a strange seductive time traveling zone, one in which an old school train rattles over the tracks and the landscape is presumably all made out of electronic memorability. You can hear the birthplace of drone, the early BBC synth basement experimentational vibes, the electric joyfulness of truly re innovating music as it had always existed before. – Yeah I Know It Sucks

Metro Musix by Elizabeth Joan Kelly is one of my favorites off the compilation, refining many of the elements typically pursued but adding her typical cataclysmic touch that becomes all the more riveting, and forbidden-sounding. – ANTI Music Review

…the approach is deeply referential, evoking rich experimentation through tones, loops, and processed voices that feel like they could easily unravel messily. – Electronic Sound Magazine (subscription required)

Video for “Metro Musix” premiered by Louder Than War.

“Metro Musix” was Electronic Sound Magazine’s Track of the Day on April 16, 2020

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