New music! I collaborated with the brilliant Xqui on Starchild, a two song, name-your-price release using found sounds and field recordings. Check it out on Bandcamp.

Review excerpts

“…two track release starts with ‘starchild’ being a wondrous ambiance, something that made me think of flying into a Alice and wonderland kind of flight, one in which we float softly deeper into the middle of the den. Going down with a graceful way and go to the zone where all the magic happens. It’s as if we have exchanged our natural human body weight with the weight of a featherlight goose feather, one that is soft and light, warm and kind & fully open for suggestion to change direction with any sudden breeze of sparkle dust. The music will make us go down, deep down into the rabbits hole – but this journey down is one that comes across as safe and magical as it could be.”Yeah I Know It Sucks

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