Stay Safe

Surprise (!) mini-release of 2 quarantine-themed “public service announcement”-style songs. Thanks to Lucy Rosenbloom for the robo call sample on “Stay Safe” and to William Ransom for the text and robot voice recording on “Cohntagious.” Available as a “name your price” download on Bandcamp.

“Stay Safe” was a Track of the Week on Revival Synth.

Review Excerpts

…it’s cool futuristic music informing us weirdoes and music nerds while at the same time educating how to keep safe from terrible stuff… – Yeah I Know It Sucks

Sounding like the infinitely looped announcements you might expect to hear in a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland where no one survived, something about what Elizabeth has done here seems to tap directly into the sensation of paranoid dread and existential panic that have become the cornerstones of our daily locked-down lives. – Further.

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