Strange Selectors

Pre-order now, releases September 28. Includes my track “The Heart Sounds Like Heavy Artillery.” First compilation from new label Werra Foxma Records, curated by Letters From Mouse, Lee Pylon, DJ Bleek & Kate Bosworth:

“Born out of the love for the medium of radio, an unhealthy obsession with electronica, and galvanised by the symbiosis with artists, labels and like-minded listeners, our intent is to enthuse you with a handful of the strange and noteworthy artists that have helped us to shape our broadcasts.”

All profits from the sale of this album will be donated to MSF UK / Médecins Sans Frontières.

Review Excerpts

The compilation opens wistfully with “The Heart Sounds Like Heavy Artillery” by the New Orleans based electronic composer Elizabeth Joan Kelly. A suitably gentle opening track built around an ambient soundscape with an almost industrial sounding rhythm. – I Heart Noise

The result is an excellent compilation of experimental electronica, ambient, hauntology, and analogue knob-twiddling. – Electronica

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