New releases

boycalledcrow releases his newest, Bottletown, on Strategic Tape Reserve today. It features two songs with my vocals and is an all around gorgeous listen, check it out!

The newest re/emergence collaboration (an audiovisual one!) between myself and Tyler Weaver is also forthcoming; signup for Tyler’s newsletter to get it exclusively delivered to your inbox this Sunday.

Alka’s Regarding The Auguries Reviewed by The Electricity Club

Thoughtful review of Alka’s newest on Very Records, Regarding The Auguries, by The Electricity Club. Including this:

“The closer ‘King Card’ features Vince Clarke on synths and programming and provides some exquisite chattering texturing to the rainy droning backdrop as a guesting Elizabeth Joan Kelly provides the eerie foreboding vocals.”

Regarding the Auguries releases October 9th; buy the CD from the Very Records shop and the digital download on iTunes + all the other online retailers.