Another October rec on MacroParentheticals

Author Tyler Weaver of Parenthetical Recluse, a fascinating blog about music, movies, literature, running, Ohio election signage, and so much more, has asked me to contribute a monthly recommendation (probably, mostly, music, but maybe other stuff?) for his MacroParentheticals newsletter. The newsletter comes out every Sunday and is chock full of Tyler’s own current media consumption, musings, “fascinations, perspirations, and whatever else comes to mind,” plus pictures of Tyler’s adorable dogs. Here’s the newest:

I read a book! Part memoir, part history, part folklore, Kristen Gallerneaux’s HIGH STATIC, DEAD LINES: SONIC SPECTRES & THE OBJECT HEREAFTER interweaves several of my favorite topics: sound studies, media preservation, and the paranormal. Gallerneaux informs us on the history of audiovisual technology but also asks us to question what’s real and what’s imagined, especially as relates to the impact technology has on our lives. Highly recommended.

If you like listening to music while you read, why not accompany the book with the Theremin100 compilation on <1 Records?

As always, signup for the newsletters, and you won’t regret it. I’ve heard much wonderful new music thanks to Tyler’s discerning ear, and you certainly will too.