Electropop Swimming Pool Gymnopedie on Independent Music Podcast

Today’s episode of the UK-based Independent Music Podcast includes “Electropop Swimming Pool Gymnopedie” alongside wonderful modern classical and plunderphonics pieces by Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta, Kristin McClement, and Tiny Leaves, to name a few. Listen to the whole episode (and hear them refer to Music for the DMV as “brilliant!””) on the Independent Music Podcast website, iTunes, or Spotify.

Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta – Dusty Zebra (Soave Records, Italy)
Kristin McClement – Love Doesn’t Have To Come At Such A Price (self release, UK)
Dengue Dengue Dengue – Semillero (ft Mikongo) (On the Corner Records, UK)
Popera Cosmic – Poursuite (Finders Keepers Records, UK)
Turantula – Llanyblodwel (Concretetapes, UK)
Esben & the Witch – The Unspoilt (Seasons of Mist, USA)
Tiny Leaves – The Fullness of Things (Pegdoll Records, UK)
Shit & Shine – Yeah I’m On Acid (Rocket Recordings, UK)
Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Electropop Swimming Pool Gymnopedie (self release, USA)
Yarn Wire – Vermillion Becomes Cobalt (Northern Spy Records, USA)

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