New Series: re/Emergence

Coming soon: A new, ongoing series of experimental short fiction and music collaborations between myself and writer Tyler W. Weaver. The first episode premieres in Tyler’s MacroParentheticals newsletter on 14 February 2021sign up for exclusive early access – and behind-the-scenes morsels – to all episodes.

More from the newsletter this week:
“Busy – and exciting – day on Friday as, after finishing my chat with Alison, I had my mind blown and face ripped off via email when Elizabeth Joan Kelly sent me her half of the first installment of re/emergence, our new ongoing series of experimental short fiction and music collaborations – I write the stories, read them, and she rips up, remixes, and transmogrifies those readings into her singular face-ripping/mind-blowing music: sometimes she’ll write the music to the story, sometimes I’ll write the story to the music. New collaborations are wondrous things – and a much-needed reminder of the connective power of social media at its best. re/emergence0001 debuts here, in mid-February’s Macro0040; you may consider the re/emergence to be thus announced.”

Stay tuned.

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