You Can Never Leave Review and Radio

You Can Never Leave, including my track “The Insufferable Shame Of The Pine Nut Bulk Bin,” was reviewed in A Closer Listen. An excerpt:

Some of the titles are particularly amusing:  “The Insufferable Shame of the Pine Nut Bulk Bin,” “Find Your Epic (A New Level of Hell,” “The Sauna Must Be Booked 24 Hours in Advance.”  Is this really heaven, or a scrubbed nightmare?  Precisely how happy is the upper class?  What would occur if a resident were to skip one of those cappuccinos? 

The compilation was also highlighted on Unofficial Britain, and Kate Bosworth played a few tracks on Dark Train.

Pre-order today and you get my track immediately. The full compilation is out on June 25. All proceeds go to Coffee4Craig, which provides vital support for Manchester’s homeless and people in crisis. You can watch my track accompanying the ad here.

Two new compilations

I’ve got tracks on not one, but two new compilations!

Today, Ball of Wax releases Volume 64: The Music of TELEPHONE, a compilation of all 80 (!) music tracks included in the international game of artistic telephone that I participated in this spring. My song “Nest” is in the mix.

And today, Front & Follow announced the pre-release of You Can Never Leave, a compilation of tracks inspired by this very Lynchian advertisement for luxury housing. You get my track, “The Insufferable Shame Of The Pine Nut Bulk Bin,” immediately if you purchase today, and the full compilation is out on June 25. All proceeds go to Coffee4Craig, which provides vital support for Manchester’s homeless and people in crisis.

You can watch my track accompanying the ad here.

BMF Spring Mix Video and Animation World Network

Animation World Network has a really wonderful article up with the premiere of the Paal V video for my third and final remix of Geiger von Müller’s “Blue Moon Frequency #2b.” The track, which we’re calling “Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Spring Mix],” is also available (FREE!) on Bandcamp.

Madeline Hoak on Spectators of Digital Dance

Part of the Telephone project (previously written about here) is a section of essays about the project as a whole. Artist and academic Madeline Hoak‘s “Digital Dance & TELEPHONE: A Unique Spectator Experience” analyzes how participants interpreted digital dance including my piece, “Nest,” which was preceded and inspired by a digital dance by Micaela Mamede.

[Image: still from Micaela Mamede’s dance film]

New song and a giant game of Telephone

Today is the launch of Telephone, “a game of art whispered around the world” in which a singular message was eventually passed along and interpreted artistically by more than 900 artists from 72 countries. The game began almost a year ago; I received my assignment and finished my song in July; and today is the first time I’m getting to see the original message as well as the works that were inspired by my interpretation (1, 2). It’s a beautiful, amazing, humbling thing. And the Telephone team did a heckuva job figuring out how best graphically represent the transmission of the message across the world and through different art forms.

I know I’ll be exploring this for weeks, months. I hope you do too. My song, “Nest,” is here.

CMSO Pre-orders now available

Hi friends! I’m so excited to announce that pre-orders are now available for my new album with Orca, Attack! (myself and David Rodriguez). C.M.S.O. is an educational album, inspired by library music and the electronic works of Raymond Scott, about the very real research field (ahem) of Course Management System Optimization. Head over to Strategic Tape Reserve for some truly elegant cassette tapes. Hope you are well, and enjoy!

WTUL Charts and CMSO pre-release

So tickled that Farewell, Doomed Planet! just won’t stay off the WTUL charts; it comes in at #19 for the week of 03/07/21-03/13/21.

Also, pre-release for my new EP with Orca, Attack! goes on sale tomorrow! Keep your eyes on the Strategic Tape Reserve Bandcamp for cassette tapes, and the Elizabeth Joan Kelly and Orca, Attack! Bandcamp pages for digital only purchases.