Ball of Wax Volume 64: The Music of TELEPHONE

Produced by Levi Fuller and mastered by Sebastian A. Bach, “TELEPHONE is a globe-spanning, multi-disciplinary art game/project begun by cat-herder extraordinaire Nathan Langston that took place from spring 2020-spring 2021 and was made public in April 2021.

The basic gist of the project, which ended up including around 950 artists in all, was meant to resemble a giant game of telephone: one original message was sent to several artists to interpret into their chosen art form; their newly-created works were then sent to more artists to interpret (always crossing disciplines, forms, genres), and so on, until the game flipped and artists began receiving multiple works to distill into one new thing, resulting in one final piece of music.

This volume of Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly assembles a great deal of the music of TELEPHONE in one place, but it is by no means a replacement for the exhibit itself, which you must experience for yourself:”

Includes my piece, “Nest.”

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