Departure 2019

Best Of

Review excerpts

“Kelly brings her considerable chops as a singer, a songwriter, and a mischievous experimental imp to the table, delighting everybody in earshot with magnificent synthesizers and baroque arrangements, recalling Vangelis and Tangerine Dream and Enya and Björk, but also the sweeping buzz and interjected interruption of our greatest generation of outsider talent.”Cassette Gods

“There are a lot of sounds in here all at once- some slip beats and some static which makes it even begin to sound like a swarm of bees- and yet when you hear them all combined, in their formation together, it sounds like magic, like music more than what I’m describing them as in such crude terms. “Raised By Cassettes

“It’s here that the music rattles around like a kind engine of unspecific electronic origin, one that caters Elizabeth Joan Kelly’s voice like a space fairy that had been made for the glorious mission. She sings beautifully warm and kind, as if her vocals are channeled from another world in which everything is better, healthier and sane. “Yeah I Know It Sucks

Three song set recorded “live” for Phantom Circuit episode #239, and first broadcast by Resonance Extra on Thursday, 24 January 2019. More info at

Available on Bandcamp as a name-your-price digital download, or limited edition of 30 professionally-dubbed tapes. Clear cassette with red leader, encased in Flat chipboard “Cassingle” style O-Card with hand-affixed full-color front and back sticker labels.

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