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Farewell, Doomed Planet!

Nominated for Independent Music Award for “Best Longform Video”

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Review excerpts

This is the soundtrack to my dreams. Chaotic, beautiful, mysterious and sublime. It took me a while to post due to trying to savor every nuance. I listened to it on my stereo, with headphones, and in my car. I got something different out of it each time. I got kinda lost in it for a bit. To me, that is the highest praise I can give. In my top 10 favorite releases of last year.A Little Bit of Sol

At its best, as on “Feral At Night”, “Exclusion Zone Earth, (Or, All Hail Chernobyl Wolves)” and the closer “Beau Travail”, Farewell recalls William Basinski if his source material was “Personal Jesus” era Depeche Mode. The Wire

…I can imagine watching the big blue marble disappear in the porthole while listening to her loopy melodicism and watery textures, which brought both Eno’s Apollo and David Torn’s guitar to mind.an earful

…Kelly excels at blurring the line between the vast gulf of space and the actual oceans creeping into our collective backyard. The found-sound samples –and there are tons, all cleared for fair use and most made by nature—are expertly layered along with Kelly’s own modulated vocals and waveform manipulations into one giant yawning chasm.Offbeat Magazine

...an ethereal collection of songs framed around a familiar compositional ethos, but this time around, with an additional no holds barred urgency regarding the environmental state of our planet…Kelly’s music and imagery on “Farewell, Doom Planet!” stand out because it places the listener directly in an environmentally tortured future that’s already here.I Heart Noise

…while Whaliens is as good as anything by Loscil and Cosmonaut Chorus is sibling-rivalry to Julianna Barwick, this is a distinctly unique take on electronic music that demands celebration. The Letter

…a musical composition that Greta Thunberg might embrace – ethereal, haunting and mesmerizing. Sweeney’s Gumbo Yaya

…full of determined noises, intriguing dynamic rhythms and vivid sonic effects which together make up an irresistible punch of sonic waves.Recent Music Heroes

underground, apocalyptic Sturm und Drang with a sense of gallows humor and vintage style… – The Autumn Roses

…a fantastic piece of complex variations between patterns and arrangements; certainly unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Electrifying and haunting. An interesting display of various sound designs and complex arrangements which turn out to be a hell of a ride!ANTI Music: Netzine

Cinematic in places, setting an astral mirage of dreamy and bestial proportions, Farewell is a beautifully scary drama that evokes touches of Bowie, Tangerine Dream, Bernard Szajner, Diva Dompe, Moroder and Vangelis. Kelly does wonderful things amongst the stars; the apocalypse has seldom sounded so celestially operatic and electronically choral.Monolith Cocktail

It’s hard to say whether you’re hearing the soundtrack to a cartoonish sci-fi flick or a genuine panic attack sparked by climate change and nuclear proliferation. Perhaps that question will be answered 100 years from now, by a music historian citing this review in a paper—or the amoeba left to govern this barren planet.ANTIGRAVITY Magazine

Farewell, Doomed Planet!] can be jumpy and punky electro poppy, with Kelly singing with a fierce voice, but it also can be dreamy and spacey, such as in ‘Departure’. Going from synthpop to ambient to darker pastures of electronic pop music, she bounces neatly over the place.Vital Weekly

It features songs that are jerky and weird, beautiful ambient numbers (‘Whaliens’ is sublime), all with her strange slant on chord progression and songwriting. It’s fascinating.Bandcloud

…her works…are so futuristic and well executed that it somehow sets the norm of music standards a bit higher for all of us.Yeah I Know It Sucks

Elizabeth’s care and detail when tackling a heavy concept is fully apparent in the new album. It is unpredictable, but incredibly entertaining. The combination of thought provoking lyrics and intense dynamic production makes it a treat for anyone willing to take a trip somewhere a little bit alien.listencorp

Farewell, Doomed Planet! is rarely at rest. Just when you think it might be veering off into synth-pop or aimless noises, Kelly pulls back into a place in between those ends of the spectrum. Indeed, her ability to blend disparate and antagonistic styles reflects a high degree of craftsmanship in both conception and execution.Avant Music News

[Harm’s] sole focus is Atmosphere with a capital A, one of utter coldness and desolation – the ethereal/melancholic vocals being a cherry on top of the proverbial cake.I Heart Noise

[On Harm]: …another fine track by this versatile artist.Trust The Doc

About Farewell, Doomed Planet!

Farewell, Doomed Planet! is about the apocalypse. And Chernobyl wolves. Pollution. And space travel. Existential dread. And whales. 

In a not-so-distant future…

Pollution and atomic warfare have turned Earth into one big exclusion zone ruled by mutant Chernobyl wolves.

A small number of humans (and an even smaller number of rapidly evolving sea creatures) have escaped and set out to establish new societies in parts unknown. But what they find in deep space may be worse than what they left behind.

More information detailing promotion efforts and the success of the album can be found on my blog.



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