You Won’t Remember This [Cassingle #29]

Dark smokey clear shell with custom printed paper stickers, limited to 20 copies, hand dubbed in real time on high quality TEAC and Sony tape decks. 250g/m² two sided J-Card with matte finish. Clear case. Available from superpolar Taïps.

Released April 1 from Orca, Attack!, my swamp-rock-meets-space-opera-and-folk duo with David Rodriguez. The two songs released here as part of superpolar Taïps’s Cassingles series began life as demos on a multitrack tape recorder, shifted to digital for reimagining and rerecording, and now return to cassette tape to complete their journey.

Review Excerpts

From a tentative acoustic opening, the duo of Elizabeth Joan Kelly and David Rodriguez ascend to a glorious Tropicália meets shoegaze epic. It’s ridiculous in its ambition, cramming an album’s worth of ideas into two minutes and thirty seconds. – The Quietus

You Won’t Remember This is a living example of form married to function. Created by the local duo Orca, Attack! (Elizabeth Joan Kelly and David Rodriguez), the two-song EP is part of DIY label superpolar Taïps’ cassette single and EP series, and is as quirky as the label and its chosen medium…It’s a delightfully odd listen! – ANTIGRAVITY

The title track is an instant attention grabber as it begins with indie-folk vibes that quickly take an electronic with soaring pads and tight percussion that blend in perfectly. The next track “World Map” takes us in an even stranger direction as warm electric bass lines mix it up with more airy percussion and springy synth lines. – On The Fringes of Sound

‘You Won’t Remember This’ is a breezy Avant-folk tune with a slightly hoarse voice, starting mellow with acoustic guitars but fully opening up when the drum machines and electronics kick in…’World Map’, on the other side, is a bit more abstract in terms of ‘pop’ or ‘folk’, with a significant role for the drum machine, and all the other sounds around appear in a dub form, coming and going. But the melodic aspect of this song isn’t forgotten and gives this song a great flavour as well. – Vital Weekly

‘You Won’t Remember This’ sounds like it should belong on a Dirty Projectors or Fleet Foxes album, all languid acoustic guitars, yearning vocals from Rodriguez and haunting, elegiac harmonies from Kelly. Around the halfway mark the track suddenly pivots into a cloud of exultant wordless vocals, a jubilant beat and sounds that seem to soar gracefully skyward. On the flip, the instrumental ‘World Map’ is all low-slung bass, wonky melodies and unfathomable rhythms. – further dot

“…sounds a bit like a distilled Spencer Krug joint, especially as it blooms out of its cute acoustic reverie (“It’s true, everyone you used to know became much bigger than you were hoping for…”) and rises on a wave of angelic tremolo into a full-blown maelstrom of squeaking feedback as the duo vocalises playfully. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys, whichever direction they take.” – Underscore

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