Best ofs: Counterzine, An Earful, Houdini Mansions

First of all, big props to blogs who wait til the actual end of the year to make their year-end lists! I really appreciate being recognized on the following:

anearful Best Of 2019: Electronic: Farewell, Doomed Planet! “I can imagine watching the big blue marble disappear in the porthole while listening to her loopy melodicism and watery textures, which brought both Eno’s Apollo and David Torn’s guitar to mind.”

Houdini Mansions Favorite 100 Albums of 2019: Strategic Tape Reserve’s ShopLand World: Music for a Discovery Park of Miniature Supermarkets (including my track, “What Penumbras“) at no. 30

And “What Penumbras” also made it to no. 175 on Counterzine’s Top 200 Tracks of 2019, as listed on Twitter

So many Halloween playlists!

Have I got listening recommendations for you today…if you’re looking for spooky, eerie, creepy, terrifying sounds to accompany your Halloween festivities, look no further, and thanks to all of these fabulous playlist curators for including me.

Pete Clark, Hallows Eve Part 2

Sarah Schonert, Synthoween and Haunted

Tracy’s Expansion of Presence, Halloween Playlist 2019

Ambient Atomic Orbitals, Farewell, Doomed Planet! mix

Houdini Mansions, Magnetic Mystery Hour 11 Halloween Mix