tinymixtapes water-themed playlist

I contributed a mixtape track listing to tinymixtapes for  the theme “I do not know how to swim but can’t stop thinking about the sea,” requested by Tracey Thorn (THAT Tracey Thorn? I don’t know, but I hope so!). My track list is below with links to purchase the songs, and I also made a YouTube playlist. Enjoy!

01. Elizabeth Joan Kelly – “In A Chill Mood”
02. Orbit Stern & Q – “The River”
03. Tsegue-Maryam Guebrou – “The Jordan River Song”
04. Maarja Nuut & Ruum – “Haned kadunud”
05. Low – “Sea”
06. Library Tapes & Julia Kent – “A Summer By The Sea I”
07. Haruomi Hosono, Shigeru Suzuki, & Tatsuro Yamashita – “Saigo no Rakuen”
08. Sealionwoman – “Siren”
09. Jumping Back Slash feat. Nonku Phiri – “The Sirens Call”
10. Orca, Attack! – “Deep Blue” (missing from youtube playlist)

Picture of Good Health review on Sunday Experience

Another 👍👍👍 review for the Wormhole World sampler, with this gorgeous description of my contributions:

a trio of strange delights from the workbench of Elizabeth Joan Kelly first of which ‘cake’ has something of a youthful Orbital aura encroaching its space albeit as though led astray by Wagon Christ. ‘beau travail’ on the other hand by contrast comes twinkled in a spectral charming whose shadowy overcasting had us much recalling flip sides of classic Pram groove from back in the day. ‘starchild’ sees her swapping notes with Xqui to craft something of a fragile ghost vision pillowed upon swathes of glassy, minimalist drones motifs which reference wise might have you filled with an urge to go rooting out your Astral Social Club wares for comparison

Read the full review, which expertly describes the whole album, on The Sunday Experience, aka Mark Losing Today.

Mix/Q&A on Slow Breathing Circuit

Thanks to one of my favorite music blogs, Slow Breathing Circuit, for the Q&A and guest mix! I got to show off some of my current favorites, including Alison’s Disapproval, Vic/Vicky, Maison Blanche, Baïkonour, Deerhoof, maarja nuut & ruum, Jumping Back Slash, Xqui, Lafawndah, and Thundercat.

(also…avant-garde tunes, plane crashes, and turtles seems like the perfect distillation of my favorite conversation topics).

Check out the post here, and listen to the mix below or on Mixcloud.

#m4dmv reviewed on The Wire!!!

I am BEYOND excited to share that Music for the DMV has been reviewed (favorably!) in The Wire Magazine, “music’s most discerning and open-minded publication” and “the most essential music magazine of the contemporary era.” One excerpt, referring to the DMV, says, “Kelly’s atmospherics capture the emotional spectrum the human soul can traverse in this squat, beige hell.”

The Wire is available online through Exact Editions, or you may be able to access it through your local library.

Pinch me…

Cake and Starchild on OTB Zine

On The Beat Zine gave an exciting review to the Wormhole World sampler A Picture of Good Health today, with these kind words about two of my contributions:

New Orleans composer Elizabeth Joan Kelly follows up her August release ‘Music For The DMV’ with another two belting tracks. ‘Cake’ is a mind-bending exploration of strings and electronica that you’d struggle to hear anywhere else, while ‘Starchild’ takes soundscaping to a new level entirely.



Review on Houdini Mansions

Flattering review of Music for the DMV by Gray Lee up on Houdini Mansions. An excerpt:

The end result of this digital collage of classical pieces with unique audio treatments is an artistic and detailed sonic work that one need not visit the DMV to enjoy. For those of you who are unfortunate enough to have business to conduct at the DMV, you might want to bring this album with you. The calming and intriguingly arranged music contained therin just might make your stay a little less unpleasant.

Read the whole review here, and make sure to check Houdini Mansions’ many projects, including the Magnetic Mystery Hour podcast and their gorgeous cassette release.


Bouncyland on Ball of Wax

I’m excited to announce that “Bouncyland” is going to be on Volume 54 of Ball of Wax, a quarterly CD and book release of new music. In celebration, there will be a release show in Seattle, details below:

Ball of Wax 54 Release Show

with The CupholdersZachary WarnesThe Daphnes, and Kevin Sur
Friday, November 23rd, 9pm
Conor Byrne Pub, 5140 Ballard Ave NW
$8 / Ball of Wax 54 CD included with entry 

Make sure to check out the excellent write-up of “Bouncyland” on the Ball of Wax blog!

About Volume 54:

BoW 54 is chock full of 20 songs from friends new and old – which we’ll be rolling out here on the Blog of Wax starting today. There is no particular theme, but the time signature 5/4 does show up more than would be statistically likely in any normal collection of 20 songs. Representing for the live experience will be Cupholders (the Ballard supergroup formerly known as Doug Hood and the Wholly Heathens, chock full of BoW friends) and three artists newer to the fold: Zachary Warnes, The Daphnes, and Kevin Sur. It’s going to be a great time – and, as always, everyone in the door gets a free copy of the new volume of Ball of Wax.