Departure 2019 on Yeah I Know It Sucks

Departure 2019 has its first review on Yeah I Know It Sucks with some glorious descriptions of the 3 song EP, including the following excerpt:

“It’s here that the music rattles around like a kind engine of unspecific electronic origin, one that caters Elizabeth Joan Kelly’s voice like a space fairy that had been made for the glorious mission. She sings beautifully warm and kind, as if her vocals are channeled from another world in which everything is better, healthier and sane.”

Read the full review here!

If I Told Him review on YIKIS

Another priceless review from Yeah I Know It Sucks, this time of my Gertrude Stein rap “If I Told Him.” An excerpt:

“There in my imagination Elizabeth Joan Kelly sits behind the wheel, golden teeth blinking in the sun as she is rapping out her words like the toughest hero who knows what she is doing – and I sit next to her as a support act, waving my hands in awe: how cool is that?”

Read the full review over on their blog, and thank you to YIKIS for all of their support!

#Starchild review on Yeah I Know It Sucks

An absurd but superb review from Yeah I Know It Sucks, this time for #Starchild, my two-song release with Xqui! Per usual it’s full of amazing quotes, but here’s a taster:

“Thanks to their production my mind started to flow weightless through mystique hallways that come to me across as a maze of tunnels and doors. Sometimes the music bursts through those doors, knocking them open to go deeper into this fairy kind of minimal surrealism & to be fair; get slightly lost in this place that seems to be the starting point of many more adventures.”

Yeah I Know It Sucks does NOT think M4DMV sucks

Absurdist review blog Yeah I Know It Sucks has a lovely review of M4DMV up (spoiler: they DON’T think it sucks).

There are a lot of gems in here, but I think I’m most fond of “With its lovely wink to fond retro times, the sounds are shaping emotional pieces of wonder, ones that come with brain teasing chord progressions that will delight & an overall sound that will easily charm anyone. My name isn’t Anyone, but I was certainly delighted.”

Also, “If you where here searching for a album that sucked, you had been fooled as this is the opposite in all it’s might and glory!” [sic]

Check out their site for the full review and to learn about more non-sucky music.