The Letter review

Blair Millen from The Letter just posted an 8/10 review rating for Farewell, Doomed Planet! alongside a very thoughtful analysis that’s still making me blush. For example, “…while Whaliens is as good as anything by Loscil and Cosmonaut Chorus is sibling-rivalry to Julianna Barwick, this is a distinctly unique take on electronic music that demands celebration.” You can read the full review over on the blog.

ANTI Music: Netzine Review

A big thank you to ANTI Music: Netzine for their favorable review of Farewell, Doomed Planet!

“The album is a fantastic piece of complex variations between patterns and arrangements; certainly unlike anything I’ve ever heard. Electrifying and haunting. An interesting display of various sound designs and complex arrangements which turn out to be a hell of a ride!”

Read the full review over on their blog!

ANTIGRAVITY Magazine review

Michael Kunz has again reviewed my music for ANTIGRAVITY Magazine, this time tackling Farewell, Doomed Planet!

“It’s hard to say whether you’re hearing the soundtrack to a cartoonish sci-fi flick or a genuine panic attack sparked by climate change and nuclear proliferation. Perhaps that question will be answered 100 years from now, by a music historian citing this review in a paper—or the amoeba left to govern this barren planet.”

Read the full review here.

Monolith Cocktail Review

Very generous review of Farewell, Doomed Planet! on Monolith Cocktail today. Thanks to them for these kind words:

“Equally deft at composing contemporary symphonies as she is Warp label imbued kinetic and industrial electronica, Kelly coos and soundscapes a lamentable vision of the apocalypse that combines aria-like space operatics with tubular metallic breakdowns, stirring ambient swells and darker twists of contorting nuanced sonics….Cinematic in places, setting an astral mirage of dreamy and bestial proportions, Farewell is a beautifully scary drama that evokes touches of Bowie, Tangerine Dream, Bernard Szajner, Diva Dompe, Moroder and Vangelis. Kelly does wonderful things amongst the stars; the apocalypse has seldom sounded so celestially operatic and electronically choral.”

Read the full review, + reviews of Shanghai Restoration Project, Lucifer Was, Origami Repetika, Mogadisco, and Boa Morte, over on the blog!

Vital Weekly Podcast & Magazine

Thank you to experimental music magazine and podcast Vital Weekly for reviewing Farewell, Doomed Planet! and playing “Departure.” Issue 1206 is available here and says,

“[Farewell, Doomed Planet!]” can be jumpy and punky electro poppy, with Kelly singing with a fierce voice, but it also can be dreamy and spacey, such as in ‘Departure’. Going from synthpop to ambient to darker pastures of electronic pop music, she bounces neatly over the place.”

Read the full review on the site, and listen to the mix below or on Mixcloud.