Wonderful new review of You Won’t Remember This in the new ANTIGRAVITY Magazine! Jesse Lu Baum writes, “You Won’t Remember This is a living example of form married to function. Created by the local duo Orca, Attack! (Elizabeth Joan Kelly and David Rodriguez), the two-song EP is part of DIY label superpolar Taïps’ cassette single and EP series, and is as quirky as the label and its chosen medium…It’s a delightfully odd listen!” Catch the full review on the ANTIGRAVITY website or in print (!) if you live in New Orleans.

ANTIGRAVITY Magazine review

Michael Kunz has again reviewed my music for ANTIGRAVITY Magazine, this time tackling Farewell, Doomed Planet!

“It’s hard to say whether you’re hearing the soundtrack to a cartoonish sci-fi flick or a genuine panic attack sparked by climate change and nuclear proliferation. Perhaps that question will be answered 100 years from now, by a music historian citing this review in a paper—or the amoeba left to govern this barren planet.”

Read the full review here.