Listening: WMBR Sound & Fury, KCUR Night Tides, Dandelion Radio Beatbox Saboteurs

Catching up on listening…

Dave Goodman’s fascinating remembrance of former Boston City Councilman Chuck Turner on WMBR’s Sound & Fury closes out with “Departure,” and is followed by Peter Bochan’s A Shortcut Thru 2019:

Beau Travail” on the ever-lovely Night Tides from KCUR:

And finally, the Beatbox Saboteurs show on Dandelion Radio this month includes some Farewell, Doomed Planet! as well; see the broadcast schedule here.

Future Astronauts, Shrunken Planet, Lone Frequencies, Independent Music Podcast, Night Tides, and Strategic Tape Reserve

Wow, it was a weekend full of Farewell, Doomed Planet! on the airwaves. So many wonderful shows to catch up with:

Future Astronauts, featuring “Whaliens:”

Shrunken Planet with Jeffrey Davison on WFMU, featuring “Trinity Quadrant Cantata” (click to listen)

Lone Frequencies, originally broadcast on Mad Wasp Radio, featuring “Harm” and some very, very complimentary words about the album that have left me blushing 😊

Independent Music Podcast with “Baleen Executioner:”

Harm” on Renée Blanche’s KCUR show Night Tides:

And, last but not least, a throwback to last month when Strategic Tape Reserve played “Departure” on New New World Radio: