Orca, Attack! on In Memory Of John Peel Show

Zaph Mann reached out to me with some kind words after the Wormhole World sampler led him to listen to Music for the DMV. He didn’t stop there, though — thanks to his sonic exploration, Orca, Attack!, my project with husband David Miller Rodriguez, has had its radio/podcast debut! Zaph playlisted my remix of Dave’s brilliant song “Only Midnight Knows” on his January 25 show and had some really nice things to say about our Composer Challenges project.

Catch the full show below, and view the playlist on the In Memory of John Peel on the website.

Bowl City on Evening of Light

“Bowl City” is part of a very cool electronica/noise mix by voidassembly progenitrix v∞ on the Evening of Light podcast Mainframe Transmissions #02. Check out the full playlist on their website and listen on Mixcloud (or below). There’s some clever overlaying of “Bowl City” with some other tracks, including one by Joss Manley and Byte.clone who make music using “old computers, abandonware, game consoles, clone systems, homebrew software, discretion noise.”

In A Chill Mood on Is This Thing On?

In A Chill Mood” is on the newest episode of Nick Tann’s hilarious (but also chock full of good music) podcast, Is This Thing On?  You can listen on the website or on Spotify (or TuneIn, iTunes, PlayerFM, etc); there’s also a Spotify playlist with all of the show’s songs on it. Nick was kind enough to call “In A Chill Mood” both brilliant and lovely (though he’s not totally sold on the song’s title 😆  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).