Twilight Moving Meditation on Black Ops

Thanks to Black_Ops for playing “Twilight Moving Meditation” from Music for the DMV on an exquisite mix. Listen below or on Mixcloud.


Kindred Spirits – That Picture’s Got A Headache
Accidental Tones – 1
C. Reider – Organic Machinery (cycle three (version))
Ade Hodges – Death Needle
Andrulian – echoes from the past haunt our future
Capac – Ach Bittrer Winter
Chlorine – Moon Bullets
Conflux Coldwell – The Metaphysics of Urban Change
Dale Cornish – Egres
Diurnal Burdens – Veil of Acedia (excerpt)
Emra Grid – How It Rises
Field Lines Cartographer – Zero Time Generator
April Larson – A Moment Will Come
C. Moody Crews – Sleep Knowledge
Ceylan – Excursion spleenétique
Dayin – Blood Neon
Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Twilight Moving Meditation
Everyday Dust – Somnium Aeternam
Grey Frequency – Broad Haven (1977)
Johann Wlight – Medieval Sympathy For Goode
Kepier Widow – Danver’s Wish
Wizards Tell Lies – Chemognosis
Ghost Signs – The Stars They Blind Us
Ybalferran – Day 2 Lamentation
Isidore – Abbatement