New release on Future Cities

Just released: Future Cities, a new project from Cities & Memory. From the website, “Future Cities is the largest ever survey of the sounds of cities around the world, examining how the soundscapes of our cities across 81 countries are changing and what that means for us all.” Participants first submitted field recordings from around the world (the “city version” on the website), and then participants had the opportunity to reimagine these recordings (the “memory version”).

I remixed K.A. Laity’s “Pile Driver on O’Connell Avenue,” Limerick, Ireland, in “The Irish Pile Driver In Isolation.” For this work, I attempted to situate myself in the brain of an Irish pile driver operator as they momentarily transcend into a few moments of tranquility. I only used the original field recording in this piece–no extra sounds. The dangers of noise pollution are ongoing and severe, particularly for construction workers. With this work I hope to model how urban “noise” can be made more palatable.

Explore more by navigating the map on the Cities & Memory website.

SURPISE! New song

The immensely talented “neo-cubist semi-deconstructionist blues guitarist” Geiger von Müller asked me to remix his song “Blue Moon Frequency #2b,” out now as a name-your-price download on Bandcamp. There’s a beautiful video by cgi director Paal-V too. Everything’s linked here thanks to Skopemag.

Magnetic Mix!

I had way too much fun making this. “Start your week off right away with the feeling of existential dread” with my semi-apocalyptic-themed Magnetic Mix featuring two exclusive remixes by me + faves by Barbara Morgenstern, Eartheater ft Moor Mother, Kelela remixed by Ikonika, Arca, Jenny Hval, DEBBY FRIDAY, Blanck Mass remixed by Gazelle Twin, Pale Spring remixed by HI$TO, Dis Fantasy, Loraine JamesAlex Temple, Jlin, Kelly Lee Owens remixed by Ghost Culture, Vera Sola remixed by Zola Jesus, and A Tribe Called Red ft Tanya Tagaq.

See the full tracklist over on Magnetic Magazine and listen below!