Support Artists on Bandcamp During Covid-19

This Friday, Bandcamp is waiving revenue shares to help support artists affected by COVID-19. As much as I’d love you to buy my music, my income isn’t dependent on it and I’d rather you join me in supporting artists who are hurting.

Looking for recommendations? Check out my Bandcamp collection & wishlist, and try especially to support artists who have had shows cancelled, or whose retail/service/gig economy/other day jobs have been cancelled or restricted by COVID-19.

As thanks, here are some Bandcamp yum codes for free downloads of Music for the DMV:


…and Farewell, Doomed Planet!


Thanks. Take care of yourself, take care of each other, and support indie music.

New release on Worm Hole World Records!

I have three songs on A Picture of Good Health, the brand new release from net label Wormhole World, available as a “name your price” purchase or streaming for free on Bandcamp. My contributions include the brand new tracks “Cake” and “Beau Travail”, as well as one of my collaborations with Xqui, “Starchild.” Other featured artists include Radio Europa, Alan Morse Davies, Chow Mwng, Drop the Heroes, WIP, Equinox, Tremolo Ghosts, & Brian Bordello.

Check it out!

Club Clanger on The Letter

Thanks to  The Letter Electronic Music Guide for including “Club Clanger” on A few good tunes Vol 43!

Blair Millen writes, “this was the track that stood out for me on the American producer’s album Music for the DMV.”

Listen to the whole playlist, which also includes Poison Point, Lia Mice, Lokier, Mariska Neerman, Cosey Fanni Tutti, Saloli, Konrad Wehrmeister, Steven Julien and Emra Grid, here.

Bowl City on Evening of Light

“Bowl City” is part of a very cool electronica/noise mix by voidassembly progenitrix v∞ on the Evening of Light podcast Mainframe Transmissions #02. Check out the full playlist on their website and listen on Mixcloud (or below). There’s some clever overlaying of “Bowl City” with some other tracks, including one by Joss Manley and Byte.clone who make music using “old computers, abandonware, game consoles, clone systems, homebrew software, discretion noise.”

In A Chill Mood on Is This Thing On?

In A Chill Mood” is on the newest episode of Nick Tann’s hilarious (but also chock full of good music) podcast, Is This Thing On?  You can listen on the website or on Spotify (or TuneIn, iTunes, PlayerFM, etc); there’s also a Spotify playlist with all of the show’s songs on it. Nick was kind enough to call “In A Chill Mood” both brilliant and lovely (though he’s not totally sold on the song’s title 😆  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ).