You Can Never Leave in The Wire

Such a great review of You Can Never Leave by Antonio Poscic in the newest edition of The Wire, and not just because he has nice things to say about my contribution. More below:

Elizabeth Joan Kelly makes a flock of strings and percussion flicker like a failing simulation, while Apta, Moray Newlands and The Snaps Jar use the collapsing elation of synths and motivational messages to cut through the fabricated optimism and false sense of safety with unsettling satire. Despite its crowdsourced nature, You Can Never Leave is cohesive and succeeds where many highly conceptual works fail. It really makes you feel the misanthropic essence of capitalism.

You Can Never Leave is available on Bandcamp, and The Wire is available in print or online.

Released: You Can Never Leave

Out today, Front & Follow’s You Can Never Leave, a compilation of tracks inspired by this very Lynchian advertisement for luxury housing. All proceeds go to Coffee4Craig, which provides vital support for Manchester’s homeless and people in crisis. The lads are also hosting an episode of Gated Canal Community Radio Sunday at 6pm BST / 12pm CST on Reform Radio that will include tracks from the comp as well as music from each of the contributors’ back catalogues.

If you haven’t seen it already, you can watch my track accompanying the ad here. My inspirations were the SNL digital short “Everyone’s A Critic,” Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, and the time I accidentally dumped a lifetime supply of pine nuts into my bag at the Whole Foods bulk dispensers and was too embarrassed not to pay for them, aka ultimate privileged-person-problems.

You Can Never Leave Review and Radio

You Can Never Leave, including my track “The Insufferable Shame Of The Pine Nut Bulk Bin,” was reviewed in A Closer Listen. An excerpt:

Some of the titles are particularly amusing:  “The Insufferable Shame of the Pine Nut Bulk Bin,” “Find Your Epic (A New Level of Hell,” “The Sauna Must Be Booked 24 Hours in Advance.”  Is this really heaven, or a scrubbed nightmare?  Precisely how happy is the upper class?  What would occur if a resident were to skip one of those cappuccinos? 

The compilation was also highlighted on Unofficial Britain, and Kate Bosworth played a few tracks on Dark Train.

Pre-order today and you get my track immediately. The full compilation is out on June 25. All proceeds go to Coffee4Craig, which provides vital support for Manchester’s homeless and people in crisis. You can watch my track accompanying the ad here.

ElectroJunkyard Episode 6

Airing today: a C.M.S.O.-themed episode of ElectroJunkyard, my bi-monthly show on Camp Radio in France. This is an abbreviated version of the mix David Rodriguez and I put together for I Heart Noise in honor of the release of C.M.S.O. (Learning by Listening Vol. 1). The mix includes a smorgasbord of spoken word, synthesized voices, music made for commercial purposes, music made for educational/instructional purposes, videogame music, and some other stuff that we just thought was cool. Airs at 7pm CET / 12pm CST. Listen at Camp Radio.

Episode 6 tracklist:

0:00 Orca, Attack! – Abstract – C.M.S.O. (Learning By Listening Vol. 1)

3:53 Frank Ocean – Fertilizer – Channel Orange

4:32 Raymond Scott – Portofino #1 – Manhattan Research, Inc

6:38 Gwendolyn Brooks – We Real Cool – Poetry On Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work (1888-2006)

8:10 Lovage – Lovage (Love That Lovage, Baby) – Nathaniel Merriweather Presents…Lovage: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By

9:06 Radiohead – Fitter Happier – OK Computer

11:02 Anne DeMarinis – Radio Song – Just Another Asshole #5

11:46 Terry Scott Taylor – The ‘Lil Bonus Room – Imaginarium: Songs from the Neverhood

13:56 Bill Wurtz – chips (sponsored)

14:06 Tank and the Bangas – Forgetfulness – Green Balloon

18:22 Delia Derbyshire – Great Zoos of the World – BBC Radiophonic Workshop 21

18:54 Stone Temple Pilots – My Second Album – Purple

22:04 Bill Wurtz – how to remember your name

22:10 Petra Haden – Odorono – Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out

24:26 Warmduscher – Rules Of The Game (feat. Iggy Pop) – Tainted Lunch

25:32 Reachground – Now You’re A Hero – You Have To Burn The Rope

27:46 Delores Galore – DEAD HERO (excerpt) – Virtua Mall 1.0 Soundtrack

30:02 Toxic Chicken – Van Gogh and his Ear – FUN

33:02 The Who – Heinz Baked Beans – The Who Sell Out

34:02 Anne Waldman – Uh-Oh Plutonium – The Dial-A-Poem Poets “Better An Old Demon Than A New God”

37:33 Choir of Downside School, Purley & Viola Tunnard & Benjamin Britten – Britten: Songs from “Friday Afternoons”, Op.7 – Songs From Friday Afternoons, Op. 7: “Cuckoo!” – Britten: A Ceremony of Carols; A Boy was Born; Psalm 150

39:00 bvixer – Brian Eno Windows 95 Sound x23

41:08 Sima Kim – Life is too short to use windows – You Won’t Find My Punchlines Here

42:20 Throbbing Gristle – E-Coli – D.o.A.: The Third and Final Report

46:26 Moor Mother – Forever Industries B – Forever Industries

49:16 Visible Cloaks – Lifeworld – PRSNT

49:48 Mort Garson – Plantasia – Mother Earth’s Plantasia

52:58 Raymond Scott – Portofino #2 – Manhattan Research, Inc

55:07 Susan Stone – Language Etude – Tellus #11 The Sound of Radio

57:01 Orca, Attack! – Ethical Approval- C.M.S.O. (Learning By Listening Vol. 1)

Brainvoyager’s Electronic Fusion and The Moderns

Lots of chances to listen to some C.M.S.O. this weekend. Brainvoyager’s Electronic Fusion features three tracks, playing on Modul303, Radio Dark Tunnel, Sci Fi Radio USA, and Electronic Music Radio Chile:

And Kevin Press of The Moderns included “Ethical Approval” in this week’s episode on Radio Regent, now available on Mixcloud:

Electrojunkyard Episode 5

Airing today: an especially droney/ambient episode of ElectroJunkyard, my bi-monthly show on Camp Radio in France. Homespun mixes of underground electronic music from the past, present, and maybe even the future. Airs at 7pm CET / 1pm CST. Listen at Camp Radio.

Episode 5 tracklist:

0:00 EJK + TWW – re/emergence0001 [single, self-released]

2:10 Hoon – search [unfinished #1, code]

3:36 Jon Hassell – Slipstream [Listening To Pictures (Pentimento Volume One), Ndeya]

6:23 Hermaphradragon – We Out(ta) Here [Cash For Uhuru, self-released]

9:05 Jeremy Dutcher – Qonute [Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa, self-released]

12:19 Ela Orleans – Sensation [Circles Of Upper And Lower Hell, Night School Records]

16:25 Duet for Theremin and Lap Steel – Fata Morgana [Halocline, Stickfigure]

22:00 andrea parker & daz quayle – trepidation [private dreams and public nightmares, Aperture]

26:17 Senyawa – Alkisah II [Alkisah, various]

32:54 Meitei – Kawanabe Kyosai -Pt.I- [Komachi, Métron Records]

41:27 Félicia Atkinson – You Have To Have Eyes [The Flower And The Vessel, Shelter Press]

49:22 Tanya Tagaq – Toothsayer [Toothsayer, SIX SHOOTER]

53:28 Forest Robots – All Great Things Must Grow Through Dirt First [Amongst A Landscape Of Spiritual Reckoning, Wormhole World]

57:17 EJK + TWW – re/emergence0002 [single, self-released]

Electrojunkyard Episode 4

Airing today: a special New Orleans-themed episode of ElectroJunkyard, my bi-monthly show on Camp Radio in France, in honor of Carnival season. Homespun mixes of underground electronic music from the past, present, and maybe even the future. Airs at 7pm CET / 12pm CST. Listen at Camp Radio.

Episode 4 tracklist:

0:00 Sultana – Negrodasian Trappp [BLOOD MOON, self-released]
3:16 Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Iko Iko Remix [unreleased]
6:00 Remy Cosmo – Invited (To) [Weekend Loops Vol. 6, self-released]
9:24 Hawn – Store to Shore [For A Ride, Strategic Tape Reserve]
9:56 AF THE NAYSAYER – Adelheid. Movement II [Adelheid, self-released]
12:49 MJ Guider – Quiet Time [Sour Cherry Bell, Kranky]
18:03 The Unemployed – Funky Thing Pt.1 (Professor Shorthair Remix) [NOLA Breaks V.10, Superjock Records]
22:16 Maison Blanche – Neutral Ground [Reply Hazy, self-released]
26:46 Big Chief Jermaine, Big Chief Romeo, Ha Sizzle, David Walters, Olivier Koundouno, Bona Didolanvi – Whodat [Sewing Machine Effects, Jarring Effects Label]
31:29 Delores Galore – Don’t Stop Me Now [NEW GROWTH, self-released]
36:26 79rs Gang and Vela Vada – War Cry (Way Downtown Mix) [Expect the Unexpected, Sinking City Records]
40:39 Tank and the Bangas – Quick (radio edit) [WTUL New Orleans – Songs From the Basement Vol. 16, WTUL]
44:53 Special Interest – Street Pulse Beat (Ruth Mascelli Remix) [The Passion Of: Remixed, self-released]
48:58 Sexy Dex and the Fresh – SDTF [Don’t Play My B Sides, self-released]
53:38 edgeslayer – club pothos [DARK THOUGHTS, self-released]
55:59 Quintron and Miss Pussycat – Witch in the Club [Swamp Tech, self-released]

Image credit: SexyFunTimeHQ

Urban Mutant Highlights of 2020

Many thanks to DJ Bleek for including “Stay Safe” on the Urban Mutant Highlights of 2020, aired December 23 and 30 on KHUH LP Seattle (aka Hollow Earth Radio). “Stay Safe” was in Part 2, now on Mixcloud and below. Happy New Year to all and here’s hoping 2021 is an improvement. Until then, stay safe and stay home.

Favorite Albums of 2020: Part 2

Author Tyler Weaver of Parenthetical Recluse, a fascinating blog about music, movies, literature, running, Ohio election signage, and so much more, has asked me to contribute a monthly recommendation (probably, mostly, music, but maybe other stuff?) for his MacroParentheticals newsletter. The newsletter comes out every Sunday and is chock full of Tyler’s own current media consumption, musings, “fascinations, perspirations, and whatever else comes to mind,” plus pictures of Tyler’s adorable dogs.

Since it’s the end of the year, this month I figured I’d do a roundup of 20 favorites from 2020. I could probably do a top 50 but 20 will have to do. These are all wonderful and should give someone looking for new stuff a place to start. Part 1 is already on the blog, and part 2 is here in alphabetical order by album title:

Thanks to all of the fantastic artists who put out music this year. For more content like this, signup for MacroParentheticals.