Tapeta Lucida, The Moderns, and Urban Mutant

Spent today catching up on listening and I’m so glad I did. Both Tapeta Lucida on North State Public Radio and The Moderns on Radio Regent programmed “Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Fall Mix]“, my remix with Geiger Von Müller, on their wonderful shows recently. And DJ BLeeK made a very cool “bittersweet fantasy soundtrack to Ocean Shores Washington’s legendary shipwreck” for the Urban Mutant show on Hollow Earth Radio that includes my “Silent Space Scream” off Music the DMV. Listen to everything via Mixcloud below.

The Heart Sounds Like Heavy Artillery on Hollow Earth Radio

Urban Mutant tracklist

I bookmarked this and somehow lost track of it, but DJ Bleek (one of the Strange Selectors!) played a number of tracks off the just-released Strange Selectors compilation on Hollow Earth Radio’s Urban Mutant show on September 2 alongside loads of other “Haunted and Damaged radio” selections. Catch the recap on Mixcloud or below.