CMSO on Urban Mutant and Guest Mix on I Heart Noise

Thanks to Dʝ βLєєҜ for including “Abstract” from Orca, Attack!‘s forthcoming album C.M.S.O. on yesterday’s episode of Urban Mutant, first broadcast on Hollow Earth Radio and now on Mixcloud:

Orca, Attack! also put together a guest for I Heart Noise in honor of the release. The mix includes a smorgasbord of spoken word, synthesized voices, music made for commercial purposes, music made for educational/instructional purposes, videogame music, and some other stuff that we just thought was cool, with artists ranging from Frank Ocean to Gwendolyn Brooks to Stone Temple Pilots to Throbbing Gristle to Susan Stone…Check it out in Mixcloud and see the full tracklist over on the I Heart Noise website.

Urban Mutant Highlights of 2020

Many thanks to DJ Bleek for including “Stay Safe” on the Urban Mutant Highlights of 2020, aired December 23 and 30 on KHUH LP Seattle (aka Hollow Earth Radio). “Stay Safe” was in Part 2, now on Mixcloud and below. Happy New Year to all and here’s hoping 2021 is an improvement. Until then, stay safe and stay home.

Urban Mutant guest mix archive and tracklist

Thanks again to DJ Bleek for inviting me to put together a mix for Urban Mutant on KHUH LP Seattle (aka Hollow Earth Radio). Loosely built around the 1973 movie The Wicker Man thanks to inspiration from Gazelle Twin & NYX’s new “Fire Leap” cover, you can listen on Mixcloud or below, and please support the artists whose excellent music you heard:

Gazelle Twin & NYX – Fire Leap
Alex Zhang Hungtai – This Is Not My Country
Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Lamentation (unreleased)
The Cinematic Orchestra – To Believe (feat. Moses Sumney) [Lucinda Chua Rework]
Penelope Trappes – Burn On (Mogwai Rework)
United Bible Studies – The Star Of The Sea Moves Today To Its Rising
California Redemption Value – Highland Widow’s Lament
Murmur Mori – Willow’s Song (Italia)
serpentwithfeet – penance
Kadhja Bonet – Procession
Alan Morse Davies – Ys (excerpt; not yet released)
boom boom chickachickachicka wowow – Summer is icumin in – Extra Take (Drunk)

December 9 Guest Mix on Urban Mutant

Thanks to DJ Bleek for inviting me to put together a mix for the December 9 episode of Urban Mutant on KHUH LP Seattle (aka Hollow Earth Radio). The mix is loosely built around the 1973 movie The Wicker Man thanks to inspiration from Gazelle Twin & NYX’s new “Fire Leap” cover. Artists include Alex Zhang Hungtai, The Cinematic Orchestra, Moses Sumney, Lucinda Chua, Penelope Trappes, Mogwai, United Bible Studies, California Redemption Value, Murmur Mori, serpentwithfeet, Kadhja Bonet, Alan Morse Davies, and boom boom chickachickachicka wowow, plus an unreleased track from me. I’ll post the full tracklist and Mixcloud here after it’s up, or listen live at 5pm CST.

Urban Mutant and Journey Into Mystery

Thank you to DJ Bleek for including “Stay Safe” on this week’s Urban Mutant on KHUH LP Seattle, and to DJ Stealth for including “Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Fall Mix]” on Journey Into Mystery on Mana’o Radio in Maui. Archived episodes are on Mixcloud and the Mana’o Radio website, respectively.

Tapeta Lucida, The Moderns, and Urban Mutant

Spent today catching up on listening and I’m so glad I did. Both Tapeta Lucida on North State Public Radio and The Moderns on Radio Regent programmed “Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Fall Mix]“, my remix with Geiger Von Müller, on their wonderful shows recently. And DJ BLeeK made a very cool “bittersweet fantasy soundtrack to Ocean Shores Washington’s legendary shipwreck” for the Urban Mutant show on Hollow Earth Radio that includes my “Silent Space Scream” off Music the DMV. Listen to everything via Mixcloud below.

The Heart Sounds Like Heavy Artillery on Hollow Earth Radio

Urban Mutant tracklist

I bookmarked this and somehow lost track of it, but DJ Bleek (one of the Strange Selectors!) played a number of tracks off the just-released Strange Selectors compilation on Hollow Earth Radio’s Urban Mutant show on September 2 alongside loads of other “Haunted and Damaged radio” selections. Catch the recap on Mixcloud or below.