New FUNDERGROUND episode from YIKIS!

Go on a trip without leaving your house thanks to the new Funderground episode from Yeah I Know It Sucks. Features “Exclusion Zone Earth (Or, All Hail Chernobyl Wolves)” as well as so many of my favorites like HAWN, Xqui, Headboggle, Jude Montague, Petridisch, and Cloud Diameter. See the full tracklist on the Yeah I Know It Sucks website and listen on Mixcloud or below.

Twilight Moving Meditation on Black Ops

Thanks to Black_Ops for playing “Twilight Moving Meditation” from Music for the DMV on an exquisite mix. Listen below or on Mixcloud.


Kindred Spirits – That Picture’s Got A Headache
Accidental Tones – 1
C. Reider – Organic Machinery (cycle three (version))
Ade Hodges – Death Needle
Andrulian – echoes from the past haunt our future
Capac – Ach Bittrer Winter
Chlorine – Moon Bullets
Conflux Coldwell – The Metaphysics of Urban Change
Dale Cornish – Egres
Diurnal Burdens – Veil of Acedia (excerpt)
Emra Grid – How It Rises
Field Lines Cartographer – Zero Time Generator
April Larson – A Moment Will Come
C. Moody Crews – Sleep Knowledge
Ceylan – Excursion spleenétique
Dayin – Blood Neon
Elizabeth Joan Kelly – Twilight Moving Meditation
Everyday Dust – Somnium Aeternam
Grey Frequency – Broad Haven (1977)
Johann Wlight – Medieval Sympathy For Goode
Kepier Widow – Danver’s Wish
Wizards Tell Lies – Chemognosis
Ghost Signs – The Stars They Blind Us
Ybalferran – Day 2 Lamentation
Isidore – Abbatement

Interview on Scratch My Brain

I had a great time chatting with friend and colleague Jeff Albert yesterday about gear, composing, Rice Krispies treats, and more on his recently reinvigorated podcast Scratch My Brain. And there’s a new track premiere from me! Check it out and then go buy some music from Breakfast for Dinner Records on this, the second day of benevolence from our supreme overlords at Bandcamp.

Kites and Pylons Guest Mix

The newest episode of Kites and Pylons Radio Show is out and includes a guest mix I curated with music by Delia Derbyshire (c/o UbuWeb), Kui Dong, Whettman Chelmets, Xqui, Pamela Z, Emra Grid, Black Robert, Barbara Kruger, Qwerteest, and me, plus a session with Rupert Lally and much more. Listen over on Mixcloud or below.

WFMU, WVUD, and Mad Wasp Radio

More archived shows to catch up with from the weekend! Thanks to Stan and Carol (aka Serious Moonlight Sonatas) at WFMU, Burl Veneer at WVUD‘s Permutations, and Lee from Mad Wasp Radio’s Kites & Pylons for programming music from Farewell, Doomed Planet! on their incredible shows. So much good stuff to hear on each of these!

WFMU Stan, December 6 2019 (click here to listen)

WFMU Serious Moonlight Sonatas with Carol, December 8 2019 (click here to listen)

Brainvoyager, A Closer Listen, and more CJSW

More listening to catch up with thanks to the following!

3 tracks from Music for the DMV on Brainvoyager’sElectronic Fusion” Episode 221:

A glimpse of “Trinity Quadrant Cantata” on Whettman Chelmets‘Thoughts that Linger and Thoughts that Stab’ mix for A Closer Listen:

And another play on CJSW, this time with “Unusual Capsule” on the Nightmare Delirium show; listen and see the playlist here.