Rental Yields Out

Rental Yields, a Front & Follow release of artist mixes/thefts/borrows is out, benefitting SPIN (Supporting People in Need). As is always the case with the wonderful work from the Front & Follow folks, there’s already been lots of airplay for this one. I was fortunate to reimagine some sounds from The Burning Trestle and you can hear that effort on excellent shows like Resonance FM’s Sonic Imperfections and Tak Tent Radio’s Culture As A Dare.

Phantom Circuit, CJSW, and The Séance

Thanks to Phantom Circuit, CJSW, and The Séance for including music from Farewell, Doomed Planet! this week. Lots of great shows for me to catch up listening to, and you too can get started below:

“Human Research Roadmap” on Phantom Circuit (playlist here)

“Departure” on CJSW’s The Almanacs (playlist and listen here)

“Exclusion Zone Earth, Or, All Hail Chernobyl Wolves” on CJSW’s Noise (playlist and listen here)

“Exclusion Zone Earth, Or, All Hail Chernobyl Wolves” on The Séance (playlist here)

And finally, Be Here Tinnitus played “Unusual Capsule,” originally from ihcilon’s This Machine Confuses Fascists: An ACLU Benefit Compilation, on live365.

Thankful to have such a supportive and creative community of electronic musicians and music lovers such as these today. And there’s more to come! Stay tuned for updates from Brainvoyager and Kites and Pylons this weekend.