Tomorrow: The Dark Outside

The Dark Outside returns! Part of Aerial Festival, this edition will be a “one-off 24hr online radio broadcast featuring sounds and music no-one has ever heard (or will hear again) inspired by the legacy of artist Kurt Schwitters.” Go to for the stream; I’ve got a brand new piece called “Karnawał Dusz” in there somewhere.

The Dark Inside May 2

The Dark Outside is hosting another Dark Inside virtual event with Further_In. I’ve got a brand new track on it called “Heliotrope” (the very same that you can hear on Jeff Albert’s Scratch My Brain today). Tune in from 6am CST / 12pm UK until about 9pm CST / 3am UK, Saturday May 2-May 3, for more aural goodness at or Twitch.

The Da-Dark Outside this weekend

The Da-Dark Outside, a 24+ hour radio broadcast of recordings that have never been heard before, was scheduled to occur this spring from Kurt Schwitter’s Merz Barn in Langdale, Cumbria. Instead, for the first time ever, the Dark Outside will broadcast online starting tomorrow at 12pm UK (6am CST). There will be no tracklist, no listen again function, no archive. It’s playing once only. Go outside, far away from anyone else, and listen for as long as you can. See if you can figure out which piece (it’s called “MerzBowHaus”) is mine. Link for the broadcast + alphabetical listing of participating artists is here (Cosey Fanni Tutti!? Amazing).

Lagniappe: I made this image months ago, but I’m happy to have accidentally socially distanced us all.