concertzender Electronic Frequencies

Thanks to Kirk Markarian, aka Neuro… No Neuro, for including my song “Voyeur” on a recent episode of Electronic Frequencies, broadcast by Dutch radio Concertzender. Check out the program on their website to hear goodies by Distant Fires Burning, Petridisch, Radboud Mens, Burial Grid, Darren McClure, Michael Peters & Fabio Anile, and Autistici.

Kites and Pylons Guest Mix

The newest episode of Kites and Pylons Radio Show is out and includes a guest mix I curated with music by Delia Derbyshire (c/o UbuWeb), Kui Dong, Whettman Chelmets, Xqui, Pamela Z, Emra Grid, Black Robert, Barbara Kruger, Qwerteest, and me, plus a session with Rupert Lally and much more. Listen over on Mixcloud or below.