Vital Weekly and The quietus reviews

Great day for You Won’t Remember This reviews. First up, Vital Weekly writes, “‘You Won’t Remember This’ is a breezy Avant-folk tune with a slightly hoarse voice, starting mellow with acoustic guitars but fully opening up when the drum machines and electronics kick in… ‘World Map’, on the other side, is a bit more abstract in terms of ‘pop’ or ‘folk’, with a significant role for the drum machine, and all the other sounds around appear in a dub form, coming and going. But the melodic aspect of this song isn’t forgotten and gives this song a great flavour as well.”

Then the Cassingle series gets a shoutout in this month’s Spool’s Out column in The Quietus (!!!!). “From a tentative acoustic opening, the duo of Elizabeth Joan Kelly and David Rodriguez ascend to a glorious Tropicália meets shoegaze epic. It’s ridiculous in its ambition, cramming an album’s worth of ideas into two minutes and thirty seconds.”

YWRT on Permutations, Gated Canal, Avant Music News, and more

It was a big weekend for Orca, Attack!’s new cassingle out on superpolar Taïps.

First up, Avant Music News named You Won’t Remember This a “pick of the week”!

Then, Bill Barnett headed off a new episode of Permutations on WVUD with Side B from the cassingle, “World Map.” The archive is on Mixcloud or below:

The folks from Front & Follow played “You Won’t Remember This” on Reform Radio’s Gated Canal Community Radio show amongst the normal crisp talk; also available om Mixcloud or below.

The Letter UK was listening to Orca, Attack! on April 2.

And more to come! Kate Bosworth will be playing a track on tonight’s Dark Train on Warminster Radio at 22:00 BST (4pm CST), be sure to tune in.

Cassingles review on further dot

The first review of Orca, Attack’s! new (cas)single, You Won’t Remember This, is out and it’s lovely.

“‘You Won’t Remember This’ sounds like it should belong on a Dirty Projectors or Fleet Foxes album, all languid acoustic guitars, yearning vocals from Rodriguez and haunting, elegiac harmonies from Kelly. Around the halfway mark the track suddenly pivots into a cloud of exultant wordless vocals, a jubilant beat and sounds that seem to soar gracefully skyward. On the flip, the instrumental ‘World Map’ is all low-slung bass, wonky melodies and unfathomable rhythms. Eclecticism rules.”

Many thanks to Mat! You Won’t Remember This is available now for presale, out on April 1. Read the full review over on

Electrojunkyard Episode 10

Airing today: ElectroJunkyard, my bi-monthly show on Camp Radio in France. Homespun mixes of underground electronic music from the past, present, and maybe even the future. Airs at 7pm CET / 12pm CST. Listen at Camp Radio.

Episode 10 tracklist:

Hualun(花伦)- Old Liftman – Dawn [Cassingle #27]
Tyler Weaver and Elizabeth Joan Kelly – re/emergence005
Klein – roc – Harmattan
Beverly Glen-Copland – Sunset Village (Blood Orange Remix) – Keyboard Fantasies Reimagined
Aaron Dilloway and Lucretia Dalt – Niles Baroque – Lucy & Aaron
Yvette Janine Jackson – Destination Freedom (Excerpt) – Freedom
People Museum – Ice – I Could Only See Night
White Noise – Love Without Sound – An Electric Storm
Space Afrika – kitty 2 – hybtwibt?
Here We Go Magic – I Just Want To See You Underwater – Here We Go Magic
Qarin Wikstrom – Distortion – Up up Up
Lia Mice – We Are The Beat – The Sampler As A Time Machine
Marie Davidson & L’Œil Nu – C’est parce que j’m’en fous (Jlin Remix)
Hiyori Sato – Serenades – Only You
Fragile Self – I Loved Alone – Fragile Self
Qweerteest – Clouds – Anthology Of Persian Experimental Music
rip daogwen – Hotline Bling (Badu) – How meat scenes 2015 Made Me a Better Salesperson

New research article: “This machine will not communicate”: The Decentralization of Authority in Radiohead’s Music and Digital MediA

It’s not exactly an Orca, Attack! production, but it kind of is. David Rodriguez and I just published “’This machine will not communicate’: The Decentralization of Authority in Radiohead’s Music and Digital Media” in the new media studies journal Convergence. It’s our first time publishing an academic work together, and it applies our expertise in music, literature, and information science to an analysis of Radiohead’s work. Currently the article is available freely on the Convergence website.