C.M.S.O. is (some of) The Best Experimental Music on Bandcamp!

We here at Orca, Attack! headquarters are beyond ecstatic that Marc Masters included C.M.S.O. as one of his picks for the best experimental music on Bandcamp last month. Here’s an excerpt:

The New Orleans-based duo of Elizabeth Joan Kelly and David Rodriguez mix retro-futuristic voices with technological debris to create something not far from James Ferraro’s work circa Far Side Virtual. Simultaneously funny and creepy, C.M.S.O. is cultural collage that works on whatever level you feel like assigning to it.

Read the rest over on Bandcamp!

Juneteenth Bandcamp NAACP Donation

Tomorrow is Juneteenth, and Bandcamp is donating 100% of its share of sales to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. Buy everything off your wishlist, especially albums by BIPOC. Looking for ideas? Here are some recommendations:

Angel Bat Dawid

Blinky Bill


Debby Friday

Dis Fantasy

Dua Saleh


Lonnie Holley

Loraine James

Maison Blanche

Moses Sumney

Pamela Z

Remy Cosmo

Yves Tumor

Or check out this great browse-able database.

#BlackLivesMatter; support artists and organizations that think so too.

Interview on Scratch My Brain

I had a great time chatting with friend and colleague Jeff Albert yesterday about gear, composing, Rice Krispies treats, and more on his recently reinvigorated podcast Scratch My Brain. And there’s a new track premiere from me! Check it out and then go buy some music from Breakfast for Dinner Records on this, the second day of benevolence from our supreme overlords at Bandcamp.