Cosmic Church of I Heart Noise and The Thursday Bazaar with Julia Kent

I’m so flattered that the transcendent composer/cellist Julia Kent selected my “Trinity Quadrant Cantata” as one of her two picks for Radio Free Matlock’s Thursday Bazaar with Lippy Kidd last week. Catch the recap on Mixcloud or below:

And a huge thank you to Ilya from one of my favorite music blogs, I Heart Noise, for including my Gertrude Stein rap (lol) on the Camp Radio show Cosmic Church, also now on Mixcloud and with annotated tracklist on the blog:

More podcast/radio plays for FDP

So thrilled by the response to Farewell, Doomed Planet! so far. Here are a few more spins the album’s gotten over the last couple of days.

Exclusion Zone Earth (Or, All Hail Chernobyl Wolves)” on Pete Clark’s Sack of Sounds show, Radio Free Matlock

“Unusual Capsule” (originally from Prosthion Recordings This Machine Confuses Fascists: An ACLU Benefit Compilation) on the very new Yeah I Know It Sucks podcast

Harm” on Redneck Synth Episode 43