WTUL charts and Stay Safe on CiTR

First, I was splendidly surprised to see Farewell, Doomed Planet! back on the WTUL Electronic charts, more than a year after its release.

Second, big thanks to Bepi Crespan for including the Stay Safe EP in CiTR’s International Women’s Day programming. Playlists and downloads available below.

Bepi Crespan Presents, Episode March 8, 2021: DECADENT FEW, KATHARINA SCHMIDT, ELIZABETH JOAN KELLY.

Bepi Crespan Presents, Episode March 8, 2021: JEROME, NANCY SINATRA, QUEEN KONG

Urban Mutant Highlights of 2020

Many thanks to DJ Bleek for including “Stay Safe” on the Urban Mutant Highlights of 2020, aired December 23 and 30 on KHUH LP Seattle (aka Hollow Earth Radio). “Stay Safe” was in Part 2, now on Mixcloud and below. Happy New Year to all and here’s hoping 2021 is an improvement. Until then, stay safe and stay home.

Urban Mutant and Journey Into Mystery

Thank you to DJ Bleek for including “Stay Safe” on this week’s Urban Mutant on KHUH LP Seattle, and to DJ Stealth for including “Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Fall Mix]” on Journey Into Mystery on Mana’o Radio in Maui. Archived episodes are on Mixcloud and the Mana’o Radio website, respectively.

Tapeta Lucida, Dark Train, Revival Synth, and Radiophrenia!

Lots going on this week! Including…

I also have a brand new work (!) as part of Glasgow’s Radiophrenia, “a temporary art radio station – a two-week exploration into current trends in sound and transmission arts.” Radiophrenia runs November 9-22, 24 hours a day. My piece, “Liminal Telegraphy,” premieres Saturday November 21 between 8AM-9AM GMT (or 2AM-3AM CST). More on that soon, and check out the full program at the Radiophrenia website.

And finally, thanks to Revival Synth for including “Stay Safe” as a Track of the Week.

Stay Safe on Dark Train and In Memory of John Peel

Thanks to two of my very favorite DJs for some plays this week, both from the new Stay Safe EP. Kate Bosworth played “Cohntagious” on Warminster Community Radio’s “Dark Train,” and Zaph Mann played the title track on In Memory of John Peel. Catch both below.

2 New Reviews

It’s a two review day! First, this perceptive write-up of the Stay Safe mini-release from Mat Smith of Further., including:

“Sounding like the infinitely looped announcements you might expect to hear in a post-apocalyptic urban wasteland where no one survived, something about what Elizabeth has done here seems to tap directly into the sensation of paranoid dread and existential panic that have become the cornerstones of our daily locked-down lives.”

Next, Pietro Da Sacco from Igloo Magazine tackles the Strange Selectors compilation, referring to the “alluring, dreamlike downtempo strands” of my contribution, “The Heart Sounds Like Heavy Artillery.”

Thanks to both Mat and Pietro!