WTUL Charts and CMSO pre-release

So tickled that Farewell, Doomed Planet! just won’t stay off the WTUL charts; it comes in at #19 for the week of 03/07/21-03/13/21.

Also, pre-release for my new EP with Orca, Attack! goes on sale tomorrow! Keep your eyes on the Strategic Tape Reserve Bandcamp for cassette tapes, and the Elizabeth Joan Kelly and Orca, Attack! Bandcamp pages for digital only purchases.

WTUL charts and Stay Safe on CiTR

First, I was splendidly surprised to see Farewell, Doomed Planet! back on the WTUL Electronic charts, more than a year after its release.

Second, big thanks to Bepi Crespan for including the Stay Safe EP in CiTR’s International Women’s Day programming. Playlists and downloads available below.

Bepi Crespan Presents, Episode March 8, 2021: DECADENT FEW, KATHARINA SCHMIDT, ELIZABETH JOAN KELLY.

Bepi Crespan Presents, Episode March 8, 2021: JEROME, NANCY SINATRA, QUEEN KONG

WTUL Charts, WWOZ, KVSC, and Radio Free Brooklyn

I’m still clinging on for dear life to WTUL’s charts, with Farewell, Doomed Planet! at #29 overall and #5 electronic.

Thanks to Duane Williams for giving me my first ever play (I think, anyway) on WWOZ here in New Orleans! Duane played two tracks by the indomitable Geiger von Mรผller including my remix of โ€œBlue Moon Frequency #2b [Summer Mix].โ€ Listen over on the WWOZ website.

Browsing the WWOZ playlist on Spinitron led to me realize that I missed a couple of wonderful radio shows last fall that featured tracks from Farewell, Doomed Planet!, so a very belated thank you to KVSC’s Beats N’ Pieces and Radio Free Brooklyn’s Bushwick Garage (episode 200, to be exact).