BMF Spring Mix Video and Animation World Network

Animation World Network has a really wonderful article up with the premiere of the Paal V video for my third and final remix of Geiger von Müller’s “Blue Moon Frequency #2b.” The track, which we’re calling “Blue Moon Frequency #2b [Spring Mix],” is also available (FREE!) on Bandcamp.

December 3-6 Adjusting the Lens: FEST! in Nashville

This weekend, Unrequited Leisure’s Adjusting the Lens: FEST! will be showing online and at the UL gallery in Nashville, Tennessee. From the organizers:

Adjusting the Lens is a series of traveling screening events started in 2018. These events are organized around thematic selections of works and have been presented in a variety of indoor and outdoor venues. This year we are launching a hybrid version of the project, featuring online live programming along with a presentation of the full program running on loop in our physical gallery space.

This year’s festival includes the video for my song “Harm” off Farewell, Doomed Planet!

The FEST! begins Thursday, December 3, at 6PM CT. Gallery Hours for Adjusting the Lens: FEST!

  • Friday December 4, 2020: 11am – 6pm
  • Saturday December 5, 2020: 11am – 6pm
  • Sunday December 6, 2020: 1pm – 6pm

More info is available at the Unrequited Leisure website.

Pre-order Now + Video Premiere: Metro Musix from Retrophonica – Aetheric Transmissions

Pre-orders for Retrophonica – Aetheric Transmissions, curated by John (Sound Effects of Death and Horror) and released by Wormhole World, are now available via Bandcamp. And with a pre-order you get a download of my contribution, “Metro Musix.” I put together a video for the song that Louder Than War was kind enough to premiere; check it out on the site, and read more about Delia Derbyshire Day.

Beau Travail video premiere on THE LAST BLOG

It’s out! Thanks to THE LAST BLOG for premiering “Beau Travail,” the LAST video from Farewell, Doomed Planet! TLB also had these generous comments to offer:

“Elizabeth Joan Kelly has made an audiovisiual exploration that feels most akin to Twin Peaks Season 2 Part 8 (if you know, then you know…)

But really, it stands alone, just as Elizabeth floats as an astronaut into the great cosmic abyss. This is something that really lit a flare in our inbox.”

Catch the video here, and be sure to follow THE LAST BLOG, a new venture from Zola Jesus and Devon Welsh(!!!).

Video Premiere Monday

Stay tuned for the premiere of “Beau Travail,” the FINAL video from Farewell, Doomed Planet!

The rest of the videos (so far) are all available via this playlist.

Departure Video Premiere via Slow Breathing Circuit

The brand new video for “Departure” is out and premiering today on the Slow Breathing Circuit blog, where Mike had this to say:

In the video, EJK herself flies through space like some kind of Tinkerbell / Captain Marvel hybrid. As its name implies, “Departure” feels like the most triumphant part of the story, as Exclusion Zone Earth, overrun with mutant Chernobyl wolves, is left behind.

Read more and watch the video over on the blog!