Phantom Circuit, For The Record, and Sweeney’s Gumbo YaYa

Lots of airtime for Farewell, Doomed Planet! this week. Thanks to Phantom Circuit, Zadok Strawberry on WERA (Arlington, VA)’s For The Record, and Sweeney’s Gumbo YaYa on KAOS in Olympia for their support, and listen to the show recaps on Mixcloud–lots of great new artists to acquaint yourselves with.

Vital Weekly Podcast & Magazine

Thank you to experimental music magazine and podcast Vital Weekly for reviewing Farewell, Doomed Planet! and playing “Departure.” Issue 1206 is available here and says,

“[Farewell, Doomed Planet!]” can be jumpy and punky electro poppy, with Kelly singing with a fierce voice, but it also can be dreamy and spacey, such as in ‘Departure’. Going from synthpop to ambient to darker pastures of electronic pop music, she bounces neatly over the place.”

Read the full review on the site, and listen to the mix below or on Mixcloud.

Cosmonaut Chorus on Anticipating Nowhere

The 17th episode of Anticipating Nowhere (on the cusp of adulthood!) features “Cosmonaut Chorus” off Farewell, Doomed Planet! alongside a brand new (and wonderful) song by Twitter friend Black Robert (new album upcoming on Wormhole World) and lots of new-to-me sounds curated by ŚimmØMaZ. Listen below or on Mixcloud, and catch the full track list on the blog.

More podcast/radio plays for FDP

So thrilled by the response to Farewell, Doomed Planet! so far. Here are a few more spins the album’s gotten over the last couple of days.

Exclusion Zone Earth (Or, All Hail Chernobyl Wolves)” on Pete Clark’s Sack of Sounds show, Radio Free Matlock

“Unusual Capsule” (originally from Prosthion Recordings This Machine Confuses Fascists: An ACLU Benefit Compilation) on the very new Yeah I Know It Sucks podcast

Harm” on Redneck Synth Episode 43